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No 4, Ziba Ave, Mashahir St, Tehran, Iran
No 4, Ziba Ave, Mashahir St, Tehran, Iran

Kelim (Turkish kilim, from the Persian gilim; coarse woven blanket”) is an expression for a common Persian weave but also the name of the technology used in its manufacture. Persian Kelims are produced primarily by nomads and are made as carpets (without pile), bags and tent curtains. The most common Persian Kelims are Kelim Sumakh, Kelim Senneh, Kelim Fars and Kelim Ghashghai .

Kelims are also manufactured in a number of other regions and you will find Afghan, Turkish and Moldovan Kelims in addition to the Persian variety on the market. The border between Afghanistan and Iran is home to the Baluchi nomads who also weave Kelims, usually in a darker color.

The carpets come in a variety of patterns and colours. The patterns are mostly rectangular or flowery with pointed features which have to do with the weaving technique used. There is currently a high demand for Kelims as they are ideally suited in stylish, minimalist environments. They also look befitting in many homes thanks to a wide range of applications. Many people like to hang up their Kelims on the wall instead of a picture or use them as bedspreads to create an oriental atmosphere in the home. A great advantage with a Kelim is that some varieties are double sided and can be turned if they get dirty, which increases their lifespan.

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